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A Bit of Paris

I'll get to a bit of Paris in a moment, I need to give you the background first. I traveled to Austin for a week with my professional friends, and we immersed ourselves in professional development, readying ourselves for the big show, and then I actually participated as a student, then helped to run a room of hair styling for the students. My segment of the "big show" was to be inspired by Paris in the 20's. There were four of us from the National Team in this segment.  The rest of the photos are behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes at SNOW 3

SNOW 3 Another white fashion event!  January 28th 2012- We were cooking backstage with 36 models, irons, back brushing, pins, and plenty of L'Oreal Professionnel Densite, Mousse Volupte, and Infinium #3!

Thanks to Scott Smith, Heather Jassem, Aviva Morger for their assistance, and expertise.  Thank you to Cari Borja, and Julie Schindler for their lovely designs.  And a great big thank you to Joseph Domingo, and all the others who made this event go smoothly.

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Beyond Chef Wear by Daniel Sudar

Christophe Tomatis Photography On December 4, 2011, Daniel Sudar debuted his chef wear line at San Francisco's Mercury lounge. I felt honored to participate in hairstyling the models for this show.  Not only is Daniel humble, but a great talent! With only two years, officially, in the design industry, he is off to an amazing career. Why shouldn't chef's look fabulous as they create their tasty morsels?  Makeup Sara Dashty

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SFBAfn - The Collection 2011

A few shots from The Collection 2011, produced by SFBAfn, of which I am a current member, and helped with the makeup.  Hairstyling by Umbrella Salon. The designs were stunning! I am so proud to be working with such a fine group of talented artists.Hector ManuelJoseph Domingo

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