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Happy 2019

photo by brooke-lark @unsplash

photo by brooke-lark @unsplash

I am thrilled to bring in the new year. This time of year is all about envisioning what I want my life, my business and focus to be about. How about you?

This year, my focus and commitment continues to be about bringing you the best attention I can by taking care of myself, and sustaining good, positive energy and health.

In looking for hair color and hair design inspiration I came across this article: "Negative Space" Hair Is the Coolest Winter Color Technique Every London It Girl Is Wearing.

And if you are looking for those hues that speak to the more colorful, Blue seems to be it. The image that captures my heart is this well-executed color. and this one I love! Blush tones are a softer way of playing with hair color. These all require lightening the hair first, then toning with an overlay of color. I use the Balayage technique to achieve these looks. sometimes less is more.

Noah Silliman @ Unsplash

Noah Silliman @ Unsplash

Celebrate this new year trying something fresh, whether it be growing out your hair color, or coloring with something pushing the edge a bit.

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Hairstyle Ideas For Teen Girls

Have you or your daughter, niece or granddaughter given up on trying to style their hair, or don’t have many ideas themselves on how to style their hair. The hairstyle ideas for teen girls below will help jumpstart your styling just in time for school. Share this article with them, print it out. Most of all, have fun.


Medium Base Ponytail

This hairstyle will always make you look fresh and youthful. This is one of the easiest and best hairstyles that you can try. You can try this hairstyle with ease at home, and never feel out of step, as it is classic, and so versatile.

How To Style

1.    On clean, dry hair, apply serum, or pommade gently through the mid length and ends of your hair. This will help add shine and secure the hair.

2.    Slightly tease the hair at the crown of your head to give it a tousled look.

3.    Use your fingers to gather all hair at the back of your head.

4.    Now from the gathered hair take a thin section of your hair from underneath the pony and leave out as you secure the pony.

5.    Twist and wrap the separated section of hair around the base to hide the band.

6.    Use bobby pin to secure the wrapped piece of hair.

Tight Knit Side Braid

This is one of the most popular teenage girl hairstyles. This hairstyle will make you look graceful and sophisticated. This hairdo is a good option to give your hair a new and different look.

How To Style

 1.     Part your hair on one side.

2.    Tease the hair at the crown with a comb. Apply Infinium #4 hairspray lightly.

3.    Gather all your hair to the side.

4.    Now start tying your hair to the side.

5.    once you have a grasp of all your hair, tightly braid the entire length into a regular braid.

6.    Use elastic to secure the ends. Spray again. You can use a little serum through the ends, like Nutrifier Balm.

Dry High Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for you if you want to make your hair look more voluminous.

How To Style

1.     Apply a thickening spray, like Densite throughout your hair. Blow dry your hair to give volume to your hair, focusing on lifting roots away from the scalp with your fingers.

2.    Gather all hair at the back of the head and use elastic to tie your hair.

3.    Finger comb your ponytail to get rid of any knots.


Long Side Ponytail

Here’s how you can sport this hairstyle.

How To Style

1.     Make a deep side part.

2.    Now take a brush and move all your hair in the opposite direction.

3.    Use a bit of Sleek and Swing on dry hair and use a flat brush to blow dry hair smooth.

4.    Use a flat iron to straighten your hair.

5.    Apply Mythic Oil through the ends to create shine.

6.    Make a ponytail by twisting the thin strand of hair and wrapping around the rest of your hair.


Loose Ponytail

Give your hair a gorgeous look with this special trendy hairstyle. This dramatic hairstyle is great for everyday, and special occasions.

How To Style

1.    First spray the dry hair lightly with Beach Waves.

2.    Separate your hair into upper and lower sections by making a U shape parting from temples to crown.

3.    Now, pull out sections from the front and both the sides of the upper section.

4.    Gather remaining bunches of hair in the upper section with a clip and secure out of your way.

5.    Make a side part.

6.    Twist the side sections and secure them with bobby pins near the nape of your neck.

7.    Now make a slight pouf after removing the clip, by backcombing the hair in the crown to give height.

8.    Now, gather all the sections and tie them a couple of inches below the nape of your neck.

9.    Leaving a gap of about three to four inches, secure the hair with another hair elastic.

10.  Scrunch it up to create a bubble effect.

11.  Create one or two bubbles, depending upon the length of your hair, and you’re all set!


Side Braid With Bangs

This is a fun look and is still very popular. Braids are not going away anytime soon. So have fun with is look. 

How to Style

1.    Create a part on one side of your head.

2.    If you want a clean, polished hairstyle, use a serum, such as Nutrifier Balm and brush through and brush your hair to the other side and braid it loosely.

3.    Now tease your hair with a light touch to create a tousled effect.

4.    Pull out the bangs to frame your face.


Subtly Tousled Blonde Braid

Do you have light colored hair? Then this hairstyle will make your natural highlights standout and look fabulous, as well as adding more interest to the braids.

How To Style

1.    Apply a little Volumetry to dry hair and blow dry a bit. Brush your hair backwards.

2.    Tie your hair into a fish braid, starting a couple of inches below the nape of the neck. You may need to bring it to front to finish off.

3.    You can loosen up the braid once you have it banded.

4.    Pull out a few thin sections of hair to frame your face.

Take your time with these the first time you play. If you get frustrated, just take a deep breath, and try again. Sometimes it is helpful to have these styles shown to you with your stylist. Don't forget, in order for your hair to really show off these styles, your hair needs to be trimmed regularly, and good products are worth the investment.


Best Hairstyles for Short Haircuts

Have you ever wondered how short hair can get interesting too, instead of all the long hair you see in the magazines?  In this article, we offer different techniques and looks for shorter hair.  I think you will enjoy them, as once in awhile it is nice to wear a different look. Although, sometimes it's a challenge to know what are the best hairstyles for short hair. So here you go.

Twisty Texture Bun

Create a loose and carefree style using random sections pinned into a bun.

How to Style:

1. Spray dry hair with hair spray, like the Infinitum #3 or dry shampoo, such as Next Day Hair, even though it's technically not a dry shampoo, it acts as one. It gives the hair a great texture and hold for ay kind of hair styling.

2. Twist the random sections up and use bobby pins to secure them. Choose pins that match your hair color. Leave a little hair loose in the front around your face.

3. Curl the loose end with curling iron.

4. Arrange loose ends in a messy pattern.


Brilliant Bouffant Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for those who have delicate hair.It will give you a smoothshape full of volume paired with a hair accessory.

How to Style:

1. Towel dry hair before you attempt this hairstyle. Add some of the Volume Envy Mousse with a comb. 

2. Round brush your hair and blow dry to get volume.

3. Use a teasing brush to tease the top and back of the crown of your head.

4. Now you will need to smooth the front portion and create a bump using the side of the teasing brush. Smooth the sides back and over your ears and use bobby pins.

5. Use the Infinitum #4 at the end, Extreme Lacquer for stronger hold. to give a finishing touch.


Delicate Curls

In this hairstyle, curls are pulled back in a partial and the hairstyle is perfect for a day look or accessorized for the night!

How to Style

1. First of all part your hair to one side. Preheat 1-inch curling iron and collect some bobby pins. Use dry shampoo or Next Day Hair to give your hair extra volume.

2. Use heat setting spray as you work through smoothing the lower sections with a flat iron.

3. Take 1/4 to 1/2-inch sections of hair at the top of your head, curling each and pinning back. Remember to leave the curl shape as is when you release it so it keeps its shape as it lays over the smoothed hair.

4. Spray with medium to high hold hairspray, my suggestion is the Extreme Lacquer.


Messy Faux Bun

This awesome layered crop is styled up to look as if its long hair piled up into a trendy bun.

How to Style:

1. Towel dry hair to remove moisture completely from your hair.

2. Work a golf ball-sized amount of styling mousse, Volume Envy Extra, through hair with a comb.

3. Now use dry air and round brush to add volume and shape to the top section.

4. Smooth the sides and back.

5. Tease sections of the top slightly near your scalp to give structure to the style.

6. Roll medium to large-sized sections near the back of the crown of your head forward so they look as if theyre in the shape of a bun.

7. Secure sections with bobby pins.

8. Roll the front forward in sections to create volume around your hairline.

9. Finish with a firm hold hairspray, Infinitum #4.


Full and Elegant Hairstyle

Thick curls full of body and movement and style with lots of volume make short hair appear longer than it really is!

How to Style:

1. Shampoo and condition hair with products designed for curly hair, like the Phyto Specific range.


2. Towel dry hair by wringing out excess moisture. Do not rub hair since rubbing will cause unnecessary frizz.

3. Work a medium to high-hold styling mousse, Volume Envy Extra through your hair with a comb.

4. Use a large, round, pronged diffuser to lift hair and dry on a medium heat setting.

5. Choose a light styling serum or hair oil to run through locks, gently working it from bottom to top to maintain the volume, but add shine to your curls.

6. Finish with a firm hold hairspray, Infinium #4 for all day control.

Play with these ideas, and enjoy styling. Take pictures and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #shineforthathome

Hairstyling Tips Every Girl Should Know



Have you ever wondered how the hairstylists working backstage at fashion week make their fabulous styles last under the heat and clothing changes? Here are a few tips that will help you feel more masterful in your hairstyling efforts.

When curling, start with the mid section of your hair

Do you want your hair stay wavy for longer time? Spray your hair lightly with Infinium #3 about 12” from the head, spraying with the grain of the hair. Then start rolling from the mid section of your hair to the ends. It will help you get long lasting waves, and keep your ends healthy.

Keep your bobby pins in place with hairspray

You must use hairspray if you have sleek straight hair, and you are using pins. Spread out your hair pins on a towel and apply dry shampoo, such as the Volumetry SOS or Infinium #3 to them. This technique will help your hair pins hold in your sleek hair.

Use aluminum foil to help curl straight hair

If you hair cannot hold a curl, then try using aluminum foil. Spray the Infinium #3 Hairspray lightly as described above. Then wrap a section of hair with a long strip of foil, fold and coil the hair into a curl and tap, tap, tap with a flat iron. Let it cool in the coiled foil till you finish the whole head or where you desire curl. You will find your hair holding the curls better throughout the day. The hair gets really hot in the foil, so watch your fingers and don’t hold the heat too long.

Use dry shampoo before you go to bed

If any day you don’t get time to wash your hair in morning and you know your hair need a wash. You can apply dry shampoo such as the Volumetry SOS at night before going to bed. This technically is not a dry shampoo, but works wonderful. The shampoo will work itself into your strands overnight, resulting in healthy-looking hair in the morning with some texture and body.

Try hair extensions for temporary added length and color

You can use hair exertions if you have mid length hair and looking to add some extra length, color or volume to your hair. The option is good if you are going to any special occasion and provides many style possibilities. Hair extensions are not ideal for long term but are an easy and convenient option to get longer, fuller, or highlights quick.

Keep your brushes working optimally by giving them a good cleaning

Cleaning of your brushes is very important and help your brushes last. Much like your shoes needing a polish to make them last, so is true for brushes. In order for them to perform, you need to clean the hair out first, then use shampoo with another bristle brush or nail brush. Shake out the moisture, them rest them bristle down on a towel to dry. Take time from your busy schedule to get your brushes clean.

Use your bobby pins as graphic hair accessories

Bobby pins are a great way to play. They come in so many colors now. Try a triangle shape to give your hair, or line five of them in a row to give your hair a modern look. This can be done in the fringe, nape or sides of your head. This is a simple trick that you can try any time easily and get many different and amazing looks. Let your imagination run wild.


Get your hairstyle to stay using cool air

You don’t need to remain dependent on hot air always when you style your hair. If you want to set your hair style best, then set dryer to cool and alternate between warm and cold air.

Pat moisture out of wet hair with a towel

Remove extra moisture from your hair with the help of towel when you come out from a shower, make sure you don’t rub your hair and scalp, simply pat dry.

Leave the last half inch of hair unwrapped when curling

If you’re curling straight hair, leave the last half inch of hair out of your curling iron to get a more natural-looking, modern look.

Use the ponytail tricks for quick curls

This trick works well if you don’t have enough time to style your hair. Spray a little Crepe De Chignon in your hair. Put your hair in a ponytail anywhere that you want and divide in two three sections and twist into little buns, and pin or band. Set your ponytail free after sometime to get curly hair.

Another trick to getting a fuller ponytail: Use a butterfly clip

Butterfly clip helps you get a fuller look instantly. Spray your hair lightly with Second Day Hair. You just need to place butterfly clip underneath your ponytail to get a fuller look.

Create the perfect twisty bun

Spray your hair lightly with any of the sprays mentioned above and with your head upside down, pull all your hair to the crown of your head, and twist, then swing your head up, and band. Separate the hair is bun to get a little messiness to the bun.

Flat iron your braids to get curls.

If you don’t have time to intricately curl straight hair, lightly spray your hair with any of the sprays mentioned above, and separate your hair into six or so braids and then heat the braids with a flat iron. Undo the braids, and you’ll now have curly hair.

Use your hands to apply hairspray

The best way to use hairspray is to rub on your hands and then use on your hair for better results.

Know your brushes

Do you know the purpose of each type of brush you use? Each brush has different purpose. So you must know which brush to use at what time.Large brushes are commonly used for straightening, small for curling purpose and paddle brushes are used for making your hair smooth.

Happy styling!


Spring Is A Time For Love

"In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities." - János Arnay


Does spring ever make you think of love? There is nothing more beautiful on a woman than being in love, and being loved. This is truly an aspect of life that gets put on the back burner, ignored, and taken for granted, maybe even unappreciated. The frustration of not finding love may take over, and our beauty subsides.

How open are you to love and your loved ones? Daily work and responsibilities can get in the way of your heart opening to the ones you love most. What do you do to remind yourself of love and opening your heart again to others?

A Huffington Post article titled, "7 Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship," by Rebecca Lammersen, she suggest some expected advice on love.

Love is one way we can get in touch with our creative self and our personal expression out in the world, in our work, in our relationships. The article, "Creativity and Love," by Lee Irwin (SIRR AL-BASIR) is quite beautiful and honoring of this unique relationship within ourselves.  He says:

"We create because we want to contribute, to add a nuance of insight or artistic or scientific discovery to the whole, to create an alternative to suffering or a lack of vision, to respond to human needs. We communicate our creative expressions to enhance the vision of others, and we receive from others the benefit of their insights and discoveries. The medium for this exchange is a deeply felt appreciation and love, a thankfulness whose heartfelt intensity is a foundation for individual freedom. We are free to assist others, free to be in dialogue for the improvement of human life, free to offer alternatives whose impact may change an inherited way of life, free to love others and to assist them in whatever ways we may discover together."

Here are some suggestions to inspire love: yoga, flowers, surrounding yourself with beauty and nature, igniting the senses, laughter, good friends, art, dance, poetry to name a few. 

People finding "the one" brings such a glow, ease, patience, appreciation, gratitude and a generosity, not to mention a smile on one's beautiful face. Living a true relationship with oneself can bring that very glow as well. Life looks different through the lenses of love. 

This Spring I've had the great privilege and honor of meeting my friend Sunni Sukumar and his partner and relationship coach, Milan Botica. They help people tune into the one, which happens the be the name of their work. Click here, or pass on to your friends who desire a loving relationship.  

I wish all of you a life of love and creativity.

Enjoy the rest of Spring.

*New Wedding page here: with recent wedding and engagement photos.


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Touching Up a Sleek Style?

One of my styling tips just tweeted by L'Oreal Professionnel!  Check it out:

Lumi Controle Image

A modeling nutria wax for medium to thick hairControls, defines and polishes hair with a pearlescent shine.  It contains Pearl Protein Extract, a UV Filter, Anti-Oxidant Vitamin E Acetate and Incell® to help repair and reinforce sensitized  hair.  The result is an illuminated separation and finishing for all styles.  Beautiful shine!  I love this stuff

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Hair Drying Tips

Have your ever wondered why your hair never looks like when you left the hairdressers?  Most clients haven't been taught proper hair drying tips!  Here are a few.

Think of hair as fabric.  What is the texture of hair you are starting with, and what is the "finish" you are trying to achieve?  The answer to these two questions will help decide what finishing product to use on the hair.  For most texture of hair, I would start of with a primer like, Mythic Reinforcing Milk or Volumetry Spray by L'Oreal Professionnel, or Prep Spray by Bumble and Bumble, or Shu Uemera Depsea Water, throughout the hair, and brush gently with the Wet Brush.

The Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush, Colors Vary

Then apply your styling product.  Some of my favorites are:  Liquid Fabric for texture to fine hair,  or Satin Design for soothing the cuticle by Shu Uemura, or any of the Thermiques by Kerastase for a conditioning, softer finish on the hair, or Texture Spray for hold and substance, or Curl Satin Mousse for shine, condition and volume without frizz, by L'Oreal Professionnel.  Apply throughout and distribute through the hair with comb or soft cushion brush.

Now, for the predry!  It may sound like we are adding an extra step, but truly, this will make your life easier.  Using your hand, and blow dryer, think about drying the scalp, versus the ends of your hair, to dry the hair in the direction of the cuticle to create smooth hair, or against the cuticle of the hair if you desire volume.  Dry all your hair 80-90% dry, with medium to hot dryer.  Then, brush your hair using a soft cushion brush like the Mason Pearson.

Mason Pearson Popular Mixture

Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Bristle/nylon Mix Hair Brush-ruby Handle

Then dry the hair, continuing with Mason Pearson, or round brush for volume, using concentrator nozzle an blow out, using high heat and moving in an arc movement, heat moving over the strand of hair, and cool before releasing.  Section your hair, separating the front from the back, securing with clips, the hair in front of the hair towards your face.  Then section out a 2 inch section at the nape, and clip the rest either to the sides for smooth style, or up, for volume.  Continue this parting and clipping away hair until you have no hair left to section off.

Use Infinium #3 hair spray by L'Oreal Professionnel to ends, or smoke a Dry Shampoo into the hair, like:  True Grip by L'Oreal Professionnel, or Pret a Powder by Bumble and Bumble.

Happy Drying!

NAHA Awards 2009

Just got back from Las Vegas.  I attended the NAHA awards ceremony at Mandalay Bay. I saw beautiful images of hair by some of the greats in the industry, like Vivienne Mackinder, Lucie Doughty, and Maureen Anlauf.

I felt inspired by these hair artists who are driven to execute their work to the level at which they do, and who then want to pass on their knowledge to those who are hungry to know.  I would love nothing more than to take a walk with a few of them, and hear about their creative process, see what they notice in their surroundings, what do their dreams reveal about their work.         

I sat in the audience, sometimes sad that there were not a more enthusiastic applause for the hard work, and hours of combing, teasing, and polishing hair that these stylists have spent on their creations.

And yet, the number of students present left me remembering the early days of my career, and wanting to be at every hair show possible.  They couldn't have chosen a more high caliber event on the West Coast.

Diana and I, the owner at Keter Hair Salon, shared in our mixed feelings of overwhelm, awe, and humility at the idea of even trying to compete next year.

Inspiration at Sassoons

 Okay, I'm breaking the mini-chronological order I had going.                                                   

I just found some photos, from November of last year.  A few of us from Keter Salon went down to LA for Sassoon's 2009 Fall Collection Release. 

Very Inspirational to say the least.  

Like I said, masters of any trade, make it look effortless, but the actual skill level takes years to develop.  I love the texture and the soft colors on some of the blonde models.  Of course, the execution by this team is nothing less than phenomenal


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Audacity of Change- An Inaugural Fashion Benefit

In order to celebrate the election of President Barack Obama, we thought what better waythan to express it through nonconformity in a fashion show.

Girl Talk Band set the tone for the evening, and gave generously by playing melodic blues, latin, world jazz.   We were quite fortunate to have Angie Coiro MC our show, also giving her time for the cause.   She added flare, fun, humor and a feeling of generosity.   Denise Pate of Destiny Arts gave a brief introduction to the great work the organization offers in the Oakland schools.  To find out more about the great work Destiny Arts offers, check out

                    The MUP Plan     Model Order     The Hanger

Our sixteen models represented our coummunity; women of all ages, backgrounds, and body type. The show felt global as the first models walked to the chant from the Nicherin Daishonin Buddhism out of Japan, wearing masks that we had made, shedding them as they left the room.  They then sashayed to Gypsy Jazz. 

What I enjoyed most about this event was the gathering of creative people.  In the salon that day, there was a feeling of excitement and love of our craft, not to mention pure creativity as the stylsits, and owner of Keter Salon came together to contribute to something larger than the everyday at the salon.  

Our stepping out to the community was met with the community coming to us...130 people filled the space, standing room only.  At the end of the day, we raised some money, Giselle Shepatin gave generously as well.  She sold clothing before and after the event, and donated a percentage of her sales to the cause.   She also offered beautiful, handmade scarves as gifts for the raffle.

I want to thank some of the Fourth Street merchants in Berkeley, CA, and the people listed for their donations:           The Nail Lounge      GirlTalkBand -      Angie Coiro      Peet's Tea & Coffee      Bette's Diner      George's      Bare Minerals      The Vivarium      Patrick Gilligan      Lori Cheung -      Marcia Walden Skin Care      Dee Conway - Photography      Earl Crabb -      Cordelia DeVere -      Molly B Clothing Store      Castle in the Air      Scarlett Garcia      Cafe M      Another Planet      Simma Leiberman      Dana Argenzana      Stacy Appel

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Audacity of Change

This year has been all about the visual.
I coordinated an Inaugural Fashion Benefit, called the Audacity of Change, for Destiny Arts in Oakland, California, Giselled Shepatin, and Keter Hair Salon.  I had six weeks to plan an event I had dreamt of doing for years. 
Giselle Shepatin sat in my chair one night, and we talked about new ways for her to market herself, and so I suggested she come to the salon and have an event...before I knew it, I volunteered to create a benefit.


Thank you friends, loyal clients, and coworkers for all your support! 


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The Hair Left Behind

I think of all the thousands of heads of hair I have cut in my career, and all the hair left behind, and the clients who, walk out the door with a bit more bounce in their step.  I think of all the things I could do with the millions of strands that fall to the ground.  I imagine how heavy that pile would it have accumulated into one massive hair ball, or creating walls, tunnels, out the door and onto the street.  I could stand the piles up, side by side, the difference in textures, and colors would be as disparaging as the clients who have sat in my chair.  Some piles would be 1/2 inch by 1'', some would me 5" deep, depending on the client.  If I could flatten out the piles, I could make squares, like a quilt, connecting their lives.  I could create a time line with the squares from when I began, til' now, building a path laid out into infinity.  If I could stack the flattened squares, I would stand on top and feel how tall these clients have helped to make me feel.  If that quilt of hair could float, it would surely buoy me a long ways out on a turbulent ocean, and keep me safe.  If these piles could tell the stories of the clients that leave the salon, carrying on in their day, and into their lives, as a new person, in their new look, it would be a very interesting story.  If I could jumble the pile up, mixing, tossing, like a summer vegetable salad, I would have a very colorful, unique, wondrous, and very deep mix of personalities, experiences and preferences.

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Will This Haircut Make Me Look Thin?

Yes.  A client did ask this very question the other day, albeit, with humor in her voice.  We laughed.  The question made me pause.  As a hairstylist I am asked many things, or am considered many things, some of which are spoken and not spoken.  Sometimes I am seen as a magician, who performs daring acts of color combinations, or haircuts that make one take a second look. No, I don't pull rabbits out of hats, and I don't disappear in front of the mirror, or make lines disappear on the face. But yes, I can make someone look thinner with a haircut. It's all about shape of the head, and of the haircut.  Whattype of hair, the texture, the condition, and the clients willingness to let go of the concept "more hair is better", are all elements to consider before I cut.  Different line designs accent different features, or facial shapes, or they can completely drag them down.

In general, when someone has a broad, square shape face, I am going to go in and soften the face by cutting a nice, layered hair cut, how short the layers are depend on, again, how much hair a person has, or texture.  I am not talking about bulky, fat layers, but square layers, more shaped around the face.  The length can be mid length, or shorter, again depending on hair type and texture.  If shorter length is desired, I would go in and do round layers quite short, leave some hair in front of the ear, but shorter above the ear, leaving some hair on the neck.  In front, I tend to cut asymmetrically.  It works to offset a long, and or broad face.

If a client has a round face, I would tend to want to elongate their look, and take hair away from thier face, by creating a oval shape in the perimeter.  Then graduate into round layers, and a bit more movement  Again, this is very general.

If a client has a heart shaped face, I would tend to do bobs, shorter, more dramatic looks, unless they prefer length, too long is too much of a drag on the face, but some women want it anyway.

Although, I don't do face lifts, or weight reduction, a great haircut can make a dramatic change in someone looking more alive, taller, more chic, and definitely thinner.'s photostream

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I'm convinced that cutting my hair off is not only allowing me a certain kind of freedom, but evokes a discomfort for some clients, and the hope of freedom for others.  I knew when Savanna left, I would cut my hair.  Something about her leaving the salon, and moving to the UK that set in motion a personal change within myself, an affirmation that when one person changes-everybody around them does as well.  The minute some of my clients have entered the salon and they see me, they gasp, do a double take, blink a few times, the words tic-tac across their forehead, "No, you didn't, did you?", like clouds moving across the sky. 

My change affects them, whether they like it or not.  Their reality has shifted, and I see how they struggle to find the old me to relate to, searching for our connection, as if it lies in the hair.  As if that weren't enough, my new cut reveals the grey hair I've been coloring for a long time for reasons of fun, beauty world infused ideas that grey hair just makes people look old, and I'm a hairdresser after all.  Some clients inquire if I'm going to keep it grey, asking, "You want to show the grey?"  As if to say, why would you want to.  Some people jump into defending their color and why they do it, and my grey hair clients, say why fight it, let it be.  There is plenty of conversation in the chair about why women should color their hair, why it's nice on some, but not everybody.  So who decided when and if it is okay?

Frankly, as a hairdresser it is absurd to possibly turn away hundreds of dollars, if not, thousands, by setting the example of how a woman can grow their grey hair out.  And, I am aware that to encourage clients to show their grey hair goes against most beauty industry professionals out there.  But truth be known, after 26 years of doing hair, I can operate my buisness as I see fit.  I want clients to see what they look like without color, at least once in their life.  Why not?  Then they can make a concious choice based on what they see and experience.  Then color can take on a whole new meaning.  Is it for fun, or is it stale?

I stopped coloring my hair because of the maintenance, and I felt ready to see the real me.  What do I look like at 48, and as my acting coach use to say, warts and all?  The freedom of cutting the dead, dark hair off, made me happy, and yet vulnerable.  I wanted to see what I had underneath all the dark hair, and have my look on the outside mirror the change going on inside.  I don't always love the way it looks, but I didn't the other way either. 

Some clients look at my hair, and say, "Wow, I want to do that!  Can I do that?"  Their tired of being slaves to color for all sorts of reasons.  They are terrified to see themselves without hair color.  They say, "You're leading the way. " I don't know about that.  What I can say is that I feel completely at home with it, and I love how bold it is, both energetically and visually.  Although, I have never felt I needed hair to make me look feminine, shorter hair does move into the sterotype of the older and less feminine realm.

And yet, this shorter, new, grey look makes me feel better.  I wish this feeling for every client, every person.  Right, or wrong, fashionable, or unfashionable, I love it.  Every woman needs to decide for themselves what is right for them, regardless of what others say.  If your hairdresser is stuck on you coloring your hair, than I would find someone who is willing to take you through the process.  Take the leap!

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Unsolicited Hair Stories

I can pretty much guarantee you, the moment I let someone know I am a hairdresser, that I will inevitably hear a hair story.  But the one I heard the other day, came unsolicited.  I was at the hospital with my sister waiting long hours while she healed at an imperceptiblespeed.  During the day, I had made runs out to the nurses station for various requests, i.e., water, cotton swabs for the mouth, robe change, etc.  The last run out to the nurses station was complicated for me.  I was looking for a sign that it was okay to leave, and that my sister would be in good hands if I left.  The nurse Becky, upon seeing my awkward attempt at having her absolve my guilt, said, "No problem!  We will take care of her. In fact, we will check on her more since you are leaving." I said, "Oh good. I have got a 5 year old I need to take care of at home." 

"Oh, no.  She doesn't need you."  You know, when I was five, I cut my hair and stuffed it in my father's shoe, thinking he would never find it there." 

"Really?"  I asked.  "Did you know I was a hairdresser?"

She went on to tell me her father found the hair, and they did cut the rest of her hair off.  (I would have liked to have seen how that story played out)

It seems to be a theme. Because when I returned home, I slept most of the night, and although it was hard to get up in the morning, I was excited to spend the day with my family.  We get to the park where a July 4th party is in full swing, put on by the city of El Cerrito, and I run into a friend, who's daughter I get to finally meet.  The girl is beautiful, and her hair is cut as short as mine is now. My friend says, "She took the scissors to it yesterday," as she motioned at the front of her daughter's hair.  "We cut the rest of it to match."  Her daughter covered her head in embarassment.

I guess I better keep scissors out of hand's reach of my five year old.

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Nobody is Brushing Their Hair

It came to me yesterday that as the world becomes more intense all the time, with people killing each other, starving in most of the world, and holed up in their homes craving touch, I had solution to the ills of human nature.  Brushing your hair.  Nobody is brushing their hair anymore.  When did it stop?  The stress goes right to the scalp.  In fact, I will start polling scalps and give you an update of how many people have tight scalps, and how many people brush.  I can guarantee you this, most people do not brush their hair.  I touch scalps all day long, and at least 75% are tight. So, now we have tight scalp, and more people not brushing their hair because of hair color, hair products, and then we go to bed with unbrushed hair(yuck!), then we wake up and do it again.  More product, more air pollution, more stress, and no brushing, then back to bed again.  Then we do it all again.  I wonder what goes on for our skin too, resting on that yucky pillow case over and over.

The perfect anecdote is to BRUSH your hair!  Not only does brushing feel good, it relaxes every part of you, but all the toxins, and tension gets brushed away.  And as if that wasn't sweet enough, the oils get brushed out to the ends of the hair, which mostly are dry.  The softness starts to permeate everywhere.  You can't just use any have to check out the Mason Pearson brushes at  These brushes feel so good, and last a lifetime they say.   You will never need another brush, nor will you want one.  These brushes get right down to the scalp, without digging in, and without little plastics tips coming off.

While your at it, brush right down over our body, with your clothes on.  Brushing in downward strokes the arms, the sides of the body, your legs, your back, your legs, right down the feet.  You've never felt anything like it.

When you brush away your stress, you are tuning into your own body, you can feel your own energy again, you are tending to your self.  Isn't this where world peace begins?  Maybe you will want to do it for someone else.  We wil have hair brushing parties...we will do it for our kids...

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