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Spring Is A Time For Love

"In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities." - János Arnay


Does spring ever make you think of love? There is nothing more beautiful on a woman than being in love, and being loved. This is truly an aspect of life that gets put on the back burner, ignored, and taken for granted, maybe even unappreciated. The frustration of not finding love may take over, and our beauty subsides.

How open are you to love and your loved ones? Daily work and responsibilities can get in the way of your heart opening to the ones you love most. What do you do to remind yourself of love and opening your heart again to others?

A Huffington Post article titled, "7 Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship," by Rebecca Lammersen, she suggest some expected advice on love.

Love is one way we can get in touch with our creative self and our personal expression out in the world, in our work, in our relationships. The article, "Creativity and Love," by Lee Irwin (SIRR AL-BASIR) is quite beautiful and honoring of this unique relationship within ourselves.  He says:

"We create because we want to contribute, to add a nuance of insight or artistic or scientific discovery to the whole, to create an alternative to suffering or a lack of vision, to respond to human needs. We communicate our creative expressions to enhance the vision of others, and we receive from others the benefit of their insights and discoveries. The medium for this exchange is a deeply felt appreciation and love, a thankfulness whose heartfelt intensity is a foundation for individual freedom. We are free to assist others, free to be in dialogue for the improvement of human life, free to offer alternatives whose impact may change an inherited way of life, free to love others and to assist them in whatever ways we may discover together."

Here are some suggestions to inspire love: yoga, flowers, surrounding yourself with beauty and nature, igniting the senses, laughter, good friends, art, dance, poetry to name a few. 

People finding "the one" brings such a glow, ease, patience, appreciation, gratitude and a generosity, not to mention a smile on one's beautiful face. Living a true relationship with oneself can bring that very glow as well. Life looks different through the lenses of love. 

This Spring I've had the great privilege and honor of meeting my friend Sunni Sukumar and his partner and relationship coach, Milan Botica. They help people tune into the one, which happens the be the name of their work. Click here, or pass on to your friends who desire a loving relationship.  

I wish all of you a life of love and creativity.

Enjoy the rest of Spring.

*New Wedding page here: with recent wedding and engagement photos.


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Nobody is Brushing Their Hair

It came to me yesterday that as the world becomes more intense all the time, with people killing each other, starving in most of the world, and holed up in their homes craving touch, I had solution to the ills of human nature.  Brushing your hair.  Nobody is brushing their hair anymore.  When did it stop?  The stress goes right to the scalp.  In fact, I will start polling scalps and give you an update of how many people have tight scalps, and how many people brush.  I can guarantee you this, most people do not brush their hair.  I touch scalps all day long, and at least 75% are tight. So, now we have tight scalp, and more people not brushing their hair because of hair color, hair products, and then we go to bed with unbrushed hair(yuck!), then we wake up and do it again.  More product, more air pollution, more stress, and no brushing, then back to bed again.  Then we do it all again.  I wonder what goes on for our skin too, resting on that yucky pillow case over and over.

The perfect anecdote is to BRUSH your hair!  Not only does brushing feel good, it relaxes every part of you, but all the toxins, and tension gets brushed away.  And as if that wasn't sweet enough, the oils get brushed out to the ends of the hair, which mostly are dry.  The softness starts to permeate everywhere.  You can't just use any have to check out the Mason Pearson brushes at  These brushes feel so good, and last a lifetime they say.   You will never need another brush, nor will you want one.  These brushes get right down to the scalp, without digging in, and without little plastics tips coming off.

While your at it, brush right down over our body, with your clothes on.  Brushing in downward strokes the arms, the sides of the body, your legs, your back, your legs, right down the feet.  You've never felt anything like it.

When you brush away your stress, you are tuning into your own body, you can feel your own energy again, you are tending to your self.  Isn't this where world peace begins?  Maybe you will want to do it for someone else.  We wil have hair brushing parties...we will do it for our kids...

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Hair Can Undo It All

Over a bottle of Chardonnay and a seafood platter at the Martini Oyster Bar in Sonoma, three of us couples talked about everything.  We laughed so much my cheeks hurt, and my eyes watered.  One couple are a husband and wife team that are clients of mine.  I commented on the fact that Joanie is a dream client.  She is a client of Julie Schindler's as well, she knew exactly what I meant.  Julie is a wonderful fashion designer and designs most of what Joanie wears.  They have known each other for a long time now.  And what we love about Joanie is her ability to trust in, and pull forth the best work of those who provide a service for her.  She loves to turn it over.  When I pull of the cutting cape and she goes to the dressing room to change, I wait to see the finished look.  She walks out looking stunning every time.  Why?  Because she dresses, and her hair always looks good. There are people whom I have never seen dressed in their best, and yet they may wear great hair.  But then, some dress well, but never make changes with their hair.  We all agreed that the hair can undo it all, the hair is the crown and glory. It must come down to fear.  Fear of looking good, fear of not looking good, fear of change, fear of attention.  I know women who can spend thousands of dollars on a wardrobe, per season, who refuse to dress when they come into the salon. They wear sweat pants, and Ughs.  But not Joanie!  She is confident in who she is, she doesn't need approval from anybody... but she receives more postive feedback where ever she goes.  When she walks into a room, people look, because everything is congruent.

Every designer I know works very hard, and deals with quite a bit of stress, every designer needs to find what they love in what they do, and not waste time doing all the other stuff.  Julie loves designing for Joanie because she is appreciated, and Joanie wears her clothes with ease.

Julie's designs are fabulous!  Classic with a twist;  beautiful fabrics, lined slacks, interesting shapes, detailed finishing.  Julie has class, and provides quality fashion, for a modest price.  She unfortunately doesn't have a website yet. The success of her business manifested through word of mouth.

I wished I would have brought my camera with me.

How to Look Like You

Yes, it was another informative, fun, and lively event with Jennifer Butler.  You've got to listen to some of the audio to get a sense of how she works. She is a wizardess and a priestess, helping women to know themselves better.  She gives them complete permission to play, and have fun with clothing.

Here are some photos from the event held at the Mill Valley Holiday Inn, last Saturday evening.  There had to be fifty people there to hear Jennifer, who never seems to tire.  She pours out love and acceptance, and yet, when she needs to, a shaking of the head, with a twinkle in her eye, seemingly to say, "It won't you know why?"


Then to see people give away clothes they've had in their closet, and don't wear, is quite a generous event. To see people being willing to give up their coveted item on someone for whom it works for, is a complete joy.  The people who have their colors done are looking hot, and like themselves, the way you expect them to look.  Everything is lined up and congruent.  Your eye does not roam, looking to understand what is not working.


Wonderful evening Jennifer!   Thank you. 


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Hair Salon Personnel Change

Savanna, my anchor and colleague, is leaving the salon.  Her last day will be June 17, and it will be a sad day for me, although I am terribly excited for her.  Her, and her husband Jeff, are heading to the UK, where he is from, and where she has spent time. Her father is English as well.  Savanna is a talented hairdresser, who is down to earth, unpretentious, and somebody you want to know forever.  Her hair designs are creative, detailed, and daring.  Her bobs are perfect, her one lengths impeccable, and her short haircuts are original and well suited for the hair texture and the facial features of her clients.  And, she is a beautiful, genuine, gentle, and funny, and kind soul.

Then there is the way she dresses.  Vintage most of the time with a Savanna twist.  She will not wear makeup, if she doesn't feel like it.  She is regal, yet funky.  She is grounded and steady.  She changes her hair more than any hairdresser I've known.

Her presence in the salon will be missed by a lot of people.  Her level of care for her clients from the moment they show up, until the time they walk out of the salon, is superior.  She takes care of their hair, describing it to them at length to them, informing them of things they have never known.  I have never heard the cuticle of the hair be so interesting before.

Savanna's future will be fascinating.  She plans to go to design school, with an industrial focus.  She was already a painter before she studied hairdressing at the Paul Mitchell school in San Francisco.  Savanna and Jeff dined at our place the other nite, and as usual, there was lots of laughter, good food, and stories.  In true Savanna style, she walked in with a wet painting to which she had just applied the finishing touches.  It was an oil portrait of me, with my latest haircut and color.  I think she captured a lightness of being, that I will treasure for all time.

Thank you Savanna for your artistry, professionalism, care for people, your beauty-inside and out, and your dear friendship.  You are an inspiration to me, and words cannot define the deep level of respect I have for you.  And even though I shall miss you, I am proud of you for taking this leap.  I will see you in the UK.

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Take Note Fashion World

Andrea, at Serrahna's, held another wonderfully colorful fashion event at Khana Peena on College Avenue, in Oakland today.  We had a great time.  The models were fabulous, all five of them...I lost count.  I was completely absorbed with each one of them, applying makeup and styling their hair.  The makeup application went it a bit easier than last time, even though I was moving from the moment the first model showed, to when I left about, 2:30 pm.  The real proof is what comes through in the photos. What I love about Andrea, is that her heart comes through in her clothing designs, she is able to articulate her passion through fabric, and design. Beautiful!  I also love the fact, once again, (I'm sorry if you've already heard it), she celebrates,and honors every woman who steps into her business.  She helps them move in new directions, and helps them become more feminine.  I love that the models are all sizes, and all ages.  How refreshing is that?  The fashion world take notice!  You don't have to be 16, skin and bones, and flawless(yawn!), to be a woman.

I also loved how the models took on the divine feminine as they transformed before our very eyes.  Oohs and ahhs fell out of the mouths of the audience.  Queens!  It was such an honor to bring out what was already there, waiting to be drawn out.  They would walk back into the store, and say, "that was fun/"

Andrea and I walked over when the show was just about over, and with the grace of the Queen herself, introduced me to each table of quests.  Thank you Andrea.

Upon my return home, my daughter had her own clothing situations to work out.  From showing me new shorts purchased with daddy, to melt downs around not having clean laundry, to questioning the shoes I suggested for our bicycle ride to the park.  I loved every minute of being with her, up till patting her back and saying goodnight.  A nice balance to the day.  And now, a movie with my loved one.

I'll be sure to post the photos the minute I receive them.

Check out for Andrea's designs.

Romance Helper

Sierra Faith is a new acquaintance.  We met at Jennifer Butler's follow up event.  She came to me with long, lackluster hair, all one length.  She said she was ready to shed some of it.  I suggested bringing up the length, and layering.  At the last minute, I asked if she would mind if we cut and styled her hair, then applied makeup, and then took a before and after picture.  She said please do.  See what you think.

As we started talking during this, what I think she would call a transformative afternoon, she revealed that she was an online dating coach, hence her url of  She loves this work she is doing with men and women, about dealing with what is in the way of them not only meeting people, but walking the dating course with them.  They look at, and talk about what worked and what didn't.  She said, "Women don't know how to recieve from men."  I've been pondering that statement ever since.  This woman knows what she is talking about.

As I put the finishing touches to her hair, I could see tears trickling down her cheeks.   "This is who I knew myself to be."  This kind of transformation takes being ready inside. to let go of who we thought oiurselves to be.

Thank you Sierra.

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Delfina Piretti

juchitan_market_place1.jpgyoga-edit.jpgdelfina-na-marcilena-edit.jpgShe is one of the most lovely, beautiful, talented people I know, and she is a client.  When she sits in my chair, I know I am in for a rich time.  She is an artist, and just returned from Xuahaca, Mexico, and other small towns, like Juchitan. She loved it, walking the streets, going to local markets, and seeing how the women dressed.  The land is barren, and yet the women wear the colors of a rainbow.  You won't see them wearing jeans and tennis shoes, but rather, embroidered dresses, ribbons and flowers in their hair.  And if they are feeling down, they will be sure to dress in the brightest colors.  And, as only traveling to another country can do, she was led inward to her own soul.  Delfina offered, ""Chronicles of travels through the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (which Juchitan is a part of) inevitably speak of fascination. Oddly enough, however, rather than express their wonder at the place, the architecture or the natural surroundings, chroniclers confess to having fallen irremediably under the seductive spell of the women." (La Tehuana /Artes de Mexico)

Juchitan is known for being a place where the woman are a cultural phenomenon in and of themselves, with their bodies, their clothing, their community rites and everyday activities, they create an environment, and rhythm of life that is unique to it. They are mythical in the most classical sense of the word, because their worldly existence and living rituals sustain and reproduce that myth. Thought these women are clearly Mestizas, the mythic voyage toward the Tehuana is a voyage to the roots,to the origins. An awed leap not only into the cultural wellspring constituted by the idea of Mexico, but to the buried mythic foundations of culture where matriarchy was apparently the rule. 

When i asked Na Marcelina about this she said it shouldn't be misunderstood that the women 'rule' the men. It's a place where the women are equal to the men, and mostly hold the position as the  primary  breadwinner.  When i asked Na Marcelina about this she said, 'It shouldn't be misunderstood that the women 'rule' the men. It's a place where the women are equal to the men, and mostly hold the position as the primary  breadwinner.'"

The land, the color, the people, the conversation, hearing another language, eating the food, all of it stimulating the mind, the psyche, and remembering what has happened before, and seeing, for brief moments, what the future holds.  Delfina is an artist, and is open to what life brings her, and is not afraid to go after what she wants.  By being open, she was led to an 78 year old Shamana, a wrinkled-faced woman with eyes full of life. She gave a healing, and repeated several times, ""you are the architect of your life".  She then fed her soup, and shared her own story, and gave her a healing.  The "session" lasted four hours and left Delfina changed.

Delfina added, "I needed to hear this for my own healing.  In shamanic tradition they teach that we co-create the universe.  For women it is important to feel empowered to realize our dreams against all odds. This is my wish this for all people. In my work as an expressive arts therapist, I use many mediums to assist in healing and finding greater ease and clarity on the journey called life."

Changes can be hard, and painful, and not to be taken lightly.  Delfina is brilliant at being right where she is, and feeling.  By telling me her story, I feel changed and open, and was reminded, our soul takes us on a trip we can't always understand.  Somehow though, I believe we are led to what we need and ultimately desire.  Upon returning home, and feeling a bit blue, and getting a haircut, she said, "Maybe I will go get a flower and put it in my hair."

Thank you Delfina.

To see some of Delfina's art, check out :

Possessed Hairstylist

I can't get enough.  It may be time for therapy.  Hair and beauty is an obsession.  Reading articles, writing, building a make-up /hair kit, wanting to photograph every client, and finally craft a portfolio, producing my own fashion show, doing hair at the LA and New York Fashion Weeks, traveling to Paris to rest, study and be inspired, giving to groups of people around the globe.  The ideas don't stop!  Even the thought of owning my own salon ran through my mind over the last couple of months, but how could I?  I wouldn't have time for all the other interests I have.  Are these all manifestations of one and the same?  Or am I completely psychotic? My creative energy overflows into my sessions with clients.  Today marked by awesome color combinations, and silhouettes made clients, and I, swoon.  And yet, I  raced the clock all day long.  I want a day with some clients, hair color in the am, lunch, and then haircut, style, make up and photograph in the afternoon.  I want to illuminate the beauty inside people.  It sounds so civilized. 

I am ready to let go of the pictures I have put in place about my life as a stylist.  I am ready to walk in the shoes before me, and break them in.  Unchartered territory is where I am heading.  I trust what I know, and I know I will take me wherever I go.  I want to meet with beauty professionals in the industry who are working the runway, who really get team work, who work to bring out the best in people. 

 I want to create beauty.  I want to bring out the beauty that resides in people, and it's not tall, thin, and blonde.  It's wrinkles, it's grey, it's whatever a person brings to me, and allows me to work with them.  I want to tell their stories.

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To Go Grey or Not

I finally understand why some people look better without their grey hair showing.  Year ago, I was trained in a salon that believed no one should color their hair...I went with it for awhile.  But then I grew as a stylist and trained myself in hair color, I liked to learn, and frankly would get bored just cutting.  Providing hair color services in the salon created variety and more range in my skill level, a stream of income I wouldn't have had, and a whole world of creativity opened up for me.  Even so, I am very open to people showing their grey hair.  I've never said, "you must color your hair." It took a long time to understand the nuances of hair color shades, and tone, in short, I made a lot of mistakes and learned from them.  But it's not until recently, that I learned why some people absolutely should color their hair.  I never put together why some people look amazing with grey or white hair.  I knew it had some to do with these people usually were Winter types.  I never asked myself, why?  Winter types, or Summer types, or people have cool tones in their skin.  Grey hair, in all its varying tones, is cool in tone.  You put the two together and it's fabulous, especially when they have a great hair cut as well.  The look is congruent.

But, then you take a person who has warm tones in their eyes and their skin, and they are wearing grey hair, it's all wrong.   The warm tones in their skin and the cool tones of the hair, don't mix, so the person wearing it feels "Off" somehow.  These are the people that really ought to color their hair.  Warm, or natural tones look best on them.  This realization is allowing me to look deeper into the question, should I grow my hair color out?  And, if a client has been coloring their hair for a long time, and they don't know what they have underneath, I suggest they grow it out to see it.  Then reevaluate.

I don't buy that everybody should color their hair, and I don't think it necessarily makes a person look old.  If there is a vibrancy going on inside, a youthfulness, a positive attitude, a person will shine even more so, if their color is right for them, even if it is grey.  It is a look of elegance and simple beauty on the right person.

Sometimes the obvious takes awhile to sink in.

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Color Analysis

I attended an evening about image for men and women.  The event is called "A Follow Up."  Anybody who has ever had their colors done by Jennifer Butler, and guests, may take a bag of outfits that they question whether or not they work, and Jennifer will say yeah, or nay.  Watching this process is quite remarkable.  She invited me along to talk about hair, and the changes I would make with the hair of volunteers who were willing to get up on stage.  Jennifer is the queen of color analysis.  I have seen many artists, and she is fabulous at identifying what to accent, finding the feminine within a woman, and the masculine within a man, not to mention what that person's color palette will be, what line designs work best with a particular body type.  This, I'm sure only scratches the surface of Jennifer's repitoire.

Her art seems to consist of her ability to see the essence of a person, and also what quality in that moment does a person want to emphasize, i.e. maybe the client is job hunting, dating, on the board of a women's league, or a high- powered corporate leader.   She seems to operate from a high level of intuition, along with years of training, and a background in fashion. 

She will put together a book for you, that is all about you.  It becomes a valuable resource, whether you are just now dusting of the precious jewel of you, or a veteran fashionista.  Just the few events I have attended, I have seen major transformations occur in people.

The evening was filled with laughter, and ahahs.  I was able to witness not only somebody who is truly gifted, and is living from her essence, but I also saw a generosity that spilled from her to her guests.  Part of the evening consists of the opportunity to let go, and give away the outfits in the bag.  At first, you can see the reluctance of some to let the garments go.  Then, as Jennifer gave the item to somebody else, and seeing how it was so right for that person, people began to see the magic in letting go.  People gave away everything from very expensive, designer clothing, to T shirts and purses.

I think it is a vast body of knowledge that can be helpful to the hairdresser.  Knowing the line designs of clothing, proportions, color, tonal values and how they work with hair, and why is vital information to a hairstylist.  I want to know more for own self-expression, but also in being even more skilled at my craft in helping people manifest their inner beauty on the outside.

I walked away with a confirmed feeling that although color analysis has been around a long time, it will continue to change people's lives as they step into who they really are meant to be.  And, the person who offers the service with as much experience, knowledge, and intuition as Jennifer, is the professional I will see. 

Make Up Class

I just returned from LA. My friend and I attended a make up class for hairdressers at Fred Segal. I loved learning a bit more about how to apply make up. What seems so easy, is quite difficult and takes lots of practice. Once again, I was humbled, as the teacher corrected me on the way I was holding the brush, smudging away the make up I just applied, or correcting color choice. It's not as if I don't know how to appy make up, but it felt as if I knew nothing. My fingers fumbled as I brushed under the eyes, as if I had n ever held a brush before. I either brushed on too much contour on the cheeks, or not enough. I glued eyelashes to her forehead, or they fell off onto the lap of my model, or I yanked them off before opening the tweezers. There is really an art and finesse to it all, isn't there?

Seeing how make up can enhance a person's beauty, and not detract, is absolutely amazing. And, it's not as if we have to wear it everyday. But to know how and why, so that you can do it if you want. Education is freedom.

This one model came in, she was 56. She was a classic beauty, but surrounded herself with people who told her she needed to do something to change her looks, even plastic surgery. She was sabotaging herself with her make liner under her eyes, no mascara, dark brown shadow on her lids, blush bright circles mid cheek area. Terrible!

I'm telling you, she was a changed woman. Natural make up made her look not only younger, but gorgeous. The green of her eyes is what you wanted to gaze right into. Her spirit became light, she twinkled as she left the class, wanting to call her boyfriend, and kids.

Layer upon layer, of smoothing, shaping, emphasizing, brightening. "Up and out." Our make up instructor, Rebecca DeHerrera, would say, over and over, and over. Rebecca was fabulous. She is not only a talented working artist, but she knows her stuff, enjoys her work, and is a great teacher.

The two-day class was set up pretty well. We had plenty of models ranging in age, ethnicity, and looks. It could have easily been a three day class. First day, theory and kit introduction. Next two days, models. I think they were free-forming it a bit. My friends kit, which cost $1600. didn't come with what a working make up artist uses. The brushes were not good quality.

The lighting needs an overhaul. It was terrible! Not enough of it, and shadows everywhere. The Fred Segal complex itself is very unattractive, but inside was quite something with high-end retailers, a great luncheon counter, and wonderful art in the salon.

Overall though, I learned plenty! Now, I feel more confident doing make up in the salon. Next, I will pursue make up for editorial. Next, I will pursue make up for editorial. And meanwhile, I can't wait to help others bring out their essence even more, and help them shine.

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I pass up most Google alerts, but this one caught my eye.  A premature bald woman takes her mother into a salon for her 77th birthday to have her hair and nails done.  A situation that would have traumatized her before.  In fact, she gave up going to them, thinking they were places for people with hair, and she didn't belong. I am moved by her courage, and the inner work she must have done on herself to be confident enough to walk into the salon.  A situation that could have turned heads. 

 Although, I like to think of hairstylists being sensitive to all types of people with all sorts of obvious physical differences, it depends on where you go.  Not all salons are friendly, and in fact, are quite full of themselves and give the profession a bad reputation.  Salons can intimidate and make people feel unfomfortable.

As I read Cheryl Carvery's post, I recalled a client I once gave a haircut to, rather, I gave her very expensive wig.  I worked in one chair salon.  It was private, and I know she appreciated the quiet.  She developed alopecia right around sixteen years old.  She too, seemed to have courage and an inner strength that I felt moved by. 

The wig sparkeled with a level 7, a mid-blonde, with honey highlights.  We were about to shampoo, she held the sides to keep it one her head, and it slipped off.  Her pale, bald head exposed, she reached for the wig with a quick hand and put it back on.  The moment seemed longer than most, discomfort made me tighten and want to take care of her.

As I combed and cut, she shared her history.  I felt honored to be with her.  So much wisdom wrapped up in one woman, who I thought was attractive with, or without hair.  We cut a very modern shape into the hair, long strands fell to the floor.  It was then that she decided to tell me that this beautiful wig was $2000.  I trembled at the thought.  One wrong snip could drain my bank account.   What if she didn't like the cut?   The pressure felt heavy on my chest, until I realized I could sink or swim.  My choice.

We dried her hair and she loved it.  I felt I was given a gift of tenderness, a rare opportunity to expereince her vulnerablity, and therefore experience my own.   I had no choice to look at my own discomfort, and own fear at seeing baldness. 

I think the more women like these can enter salons, own their baldness, and allow us into their human condition, the greater the healing.  One act of courage after another frees us all.

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Anne Sagendorph

Other Shot of Anne

I have known Anne for probably 20 years. For as long as I have known her she has been a Business Coach.  She used to sit in my friend's chair and we would exchange hello's while she received a few variations of an asymmetrical, Sassoon cut.

One day, I decided to work with her as a client, and my business changed.  In my sessions with Anne, I became clear about, and acknowledged the value I offer clients.  My thoughts about my business crystallized before my very eyes, and I created a statement for myself and my business, that would symbolize this value.  I use this statement on my website.  It gives people a strong sense of what I do, and who I am before even meeting me. With Anne, I received permission to actually charge what I think my services, and time, are worth, which created a huge shift in feeling reciprocated, and loving my work even more.

I love my work so much, she eventually came to sit in my chair. Her hair seems to change as much as I see Anne shift within her business of coaching people. Now, it is not uncommon for her to ask for something different every couple of months to match this ever changing being. The change she would allow herself to move through in her work, is now reflected in her hair. 

We have uncovered her femininity, her angelic, whimsical, and playful self.  We've done splashes of yellow, magenta, olive green, and rose tones, some would say it's a funky look.  II don't know if her hair is funky, but it's safe to say she has found her "look", and yet delights in seeing a picture with short bang, and saying, "How about if we move in this direction."  This is a woman who could not bare to see her forehead, and who had one style for a very long time.

She is more herself today then I have ever witnessed her be before. She is sassy, adventurous, and smart, and truly gifted as a business coach.

You go Anne.  And thank you for the gift of doing your hair and trusting me to create for you.  This is a woman who redefines the age of 60.

For more information on the best business coach ever, check out:  

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I work in front of a mirror 24-4, it used to be 24-5 or 6.  It is everything but normal to be in front of the mirror this much.  In fact, I know I am a different person because of it. My mother used to harp on me because I tended to my personal grooming before doing chores.  She much preferred the sight of me working than playing.  I didn't see much beauty in my immediate environment-- I starved for my parents attention and emotional connection.   So I used my garments and my hair as a way to express some beauty, not really knowing what I was doing.  The act of beautfying myself emerged from a desperate feeling, and yet a place so deep. 

I came to know beauty early as a regime.  You bathe, you apply makeup, you put a lot of attention to what you wear.  I watched my four older sisters, who needed and competed for daddy's attention, it was all about adorning themselves.  We all left the house one way, and around the corner, we shortened the hemline of our skirts.

Even so, I disliked what the mirror reflected back to me, in fact, I hated what I saw.  Somehow, I knew if I faced into it though, a transformation could occur, therein lay a lifetime of work in dealing with the ego.  And even though I cut the hair of the neighborhood kids, and my own at age 11, I had no suspicion that my line of work would involve thousands of hours standing in front of the mirror and helping others make contact with the their own inner beauty.

I turn away often to what I see, I don't want to see.  And when I can look long enough, I don't know who it is I see, and I don't want anyone else to see me.  Each time feels different.  Already this feels like too much focus on the subject.  At some point you've got let it go.

What would it be like to have no mirrors?  

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Power of Beauty

More on the subject of women's power coming from within.  A woman's beauty and power transcend age, wrinkles, and body weight. I hurt inside when a client pulls the skin back on her neck as I am showing her the silhouette of her haircut in the mirror.  And then, once we spin her back around, we laugh with a tinge of discomfort, she hands me back the hand mirror and proceeds to lift the skin on her forehead up.  This intimate, temporary, indulgent fantasy leaves me in a curious state of mind.

What will the wrinkle free face give her, besides a momentary sense of time standing still, or a delusion that she is indeed younger and not aging?  Will people treat her differently?  Is the dissatisfaction with the way she looks as an aging woman really only skin deep, gone the minute she goes under the knife?  It makes me shiver in my own skin.

What would it be like to have her take the mirror and not succomb to this cultures perverse pressure to be something we are not, to simply say, "I look and feel fabulous."

I wish it for us all.

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The Power of Beauty

Beauty lies within a woman's soul.  Whether she wears a refined, smooth, bob, a pixie, or a glamorous, long, look.  Her beauty reveals itself through her eyes, in the way she picks up a glass, or the way she interacts with a child.  It's revealed in nothing short of everything she does. And yet a woman's beauty is not a prescription, but indescribable, and elusive.  The expression manifests itself as differently as we are individuals, as varied as  the many species of flowers that speckle the earth.  So when a woman sits in my chair, and her eyes twinkle, she says what is on her mind, and she is leery of looking like every other woman, or even a movie star, then I know I'm dealing with a woman who is in touch with herself, her inner beauty, her soul.

"Mommy hair" is an infliction of the American woman --long blond hair, with tiny hi-lites everywhere.  A look of someone who is trying to look like what they think it means to be a woman in the American culture, instead of creating the culture itself, using herself as the canvas.

The power of beauty permeates in what she chooses to wear and how she wears it, whether it's a hairstyle or an item of clothing.  Dressing for herself as if she matters, placing attention on the face, hair and clothing, as well as tending to the inner life, give a woman an undeniable beauty.  It creates an energy that makes people smile as they pass her by, they have to look, and yet, this resonance has nothing to do with trend, and needing people to look.  She knows it is her much needed contribution of Beauty to the world, and we are the recipients.

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