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ShineForth Salon is now OPEN!

image001-3 The idea for a new home brewed in my heart for about a year, as I struggled with the joy, and gratitude for being busy, and yet feeling I was unable to deliver my full attention to my clients.  I felt distracted by the "salon" environment, which has become norm out in the world.  I wanted to create beauty, in a place of beauty, without the usual hub bub of a salon.  The idea of moving had to happen, my soul needed it.

A colleague showed me pictures of his new, beautiful, studio in Southern California, and said he never looked back going out on his own, and working by himself.  And that meeting is what cinched it for me.

I knew enough that it would have to be a case of right place, right timing, and then leaping!  So I kept my eyes open, and then I saw it.

Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, CA is where I worked 15 years ago.  The street has changed in a good way, more going on, more youth, and yet classic restaurants like Bay Wolfe still thrive on the street.

I am happy to be in my new home, as we continue working on the last details.  Thank you to all my clients who have made this move with me, who continue to support my dreams, who give so much!  I want to give to you even more than what you expect, because I can.  And a special thanks to the clients who purchased services ahead of time to make the move possible.  Thank you to one of my best friends, Mary Anne McKearnie of MA Designs, who designed the space, and gave her time as a gift!  I love my new home.

We will have a Grand Opening in the Fall, so stay tuned.

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We Walk a Similar Path

However different we make think we are, it is minuscule compared to what we have in common.  Marcia Branca and I have known each other since 1988.  For twenty years our relationship has winded down a path that hugs the earth, and comes upon vistas that one can see as far out as eye can see.  When she first became a client, we realized we had a couple of mutual friends.  Her personal interests seemed to be similar to mine, and to the friends we had in common.  And although our relationship has not brought us together socially, it's as reliable.  It's as if each time, we fumble for a few minutes to see where we left off, but then quickly get back into a rhythm of sharing that makes us laugh, cry and remember why we carry on for this many years.

Some of the ways we knew each other were from unrelated arenas, giving us the feeling that really this is too much.  We have seen each other grow, and shrink, and grow again.  We both have one daughter, we both write, we both have a similar spiritual practice, we both paint, we both love travel, we both want something better for our daughters.  We have both dreamt, and have had our dreams shattered.  We are survivors, and after a kind of life that we catch glimpses of, and mirror for each other.

The other day, she did her makeup and I colored her hair and took a photo.  Because the time before, I colored and cut her hair, we applied makeup, and she looked fabulous.  The camera had no card.  So, this is what we captured this time.  And this is what she had to say about our presidential campaign:  Click here to download.

There is a certain kind of beauty in knowing that certain people you are sure you've known before, and will always feel a connection to, no matter how much time goes by, and how little you do see each other.  Thank you Marcia for the years of friendship, loyalty, trust and laughter.  You are a beauty.

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Hair and Politics

Everybody I saw today had lots of hair.  They all had hair that needed more attention than most, or didn't have much hair, but decided today was the day thier hair did need attention.  Lots of color, lots of focus, lots of foils. And only one client and I talked of politics.  How can that be?  The rest of the world is waiting.  How will the American people vote?  We are making history now, no matter how the election turns out.  Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama have people talking.  Will they decide to work together for the better of the Democratic Party, and the country.  Will they decide to work together for the better of the Democratic Party, and the country.  Will the Clinton constituents realign with Obama? Writing, moves, changes, good stories, music, suicide, friendships, Squaw Valley Writing Converence, the economy, and loyalty were topics discussed in the chair today.  I felt fatigued at the end, and yet I couldn't stop.  I had to race to pick up my daughter.   She reminded me she was almost the last one to be picked up.(Thankfully, it had been a long time since that has happened.)  I needed to leave my last client with my assistant to finish the blowdry.  Unfortunate situation, even though I trust my assistant to treat my client well.

When I walked past the news stand to get a cup of coffee this morning, I read the headlines as I always do.  Today was the first day in at least a year that I bought a newspaper.  The front page of the San Francisco Chronicle caught my eye.  I wanted to read the paper, this was highly unusual behavior.  I don't know if you call it real news, but it was the first I'd read beyond the online news through, or  It provoked conversation.  Clients seem to be excited, or completely in fear and still anxious.  The campaign is not over until it is over.  Will the American people be willing to move beyond their fear and small minds, and allow the white patriarchal to rest.  Whoops!  What does this have to do with hair?  It's somebody who sits in my chair regularly, and is bright, and was willing to talk about what is real.

Click here to download… 

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Generosity Abounds

Beth has been a client since 1986.  Her loyalty to me as a person, a friend, a hairstylist, is unbelievable.  Twenty two years of unwavering support in all that I do.  Her heart is generous, always thinking about what I would like, not to mention she allows me to play with her hair.  I saw her the other day, and we discussed everything, while we applied a level 4, Majorel, on a zigzag section, from below temple, all the way around her head.  Then with many slices we alternated 6.01 20 volume, with the level 4, all on a level 5, with 90% grey.

Beth is a wonderful jewelry designer, artist, and has an interest in the world around her.  Listen to her talk about her ideas on creativity. 

Here is her bio:  Through my 30+ years working in the fields of Adoption, and other areas of Child Welfare including Foster Care with Refugee Youth,  I have found continual inspiration in the incredible struggles of people with broken connections and the magic of their healing.

Bellemirth Creations grew out of my interest in the mysteries of the creative forces within.  It has become my source of healing and revitalization of spirit and soul.

She uses Precious Metal Clay, which is a product comprised of silver particles mixed with an organic binder that is in a clay form. It is fired in a kiln, resulting in a piece that is actually .999% pure fine silver.  At high temperatures, the binder burns away and the metal particles fuse to form solid silver that can be sanded, soldered, and polished.

Thank you Beth.  It is my pleasure to know you, and an honor to be with you, always.




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A Salon

Today is the day.  I have gathered some writers for an evening of wine, cheese and crackers, and words, in the salon where I work.  It's happening.  I can't believe it.  I am moved by the amount of support I have in my life, and a lot of that support is from my clients.  How can I thank them?   How can I let them know that without them, I don't know where I would be?  Their love and loyalty has helped to heal a broken soul.  I have come out the other side, resilient, passionate, and a great deal more self-confident. Self-confident enough, that I will share my pages with them, and let them see what goes on this heart of mine.  I will share my short comings, my thoughts about standing behind the chair, my feelings as I am doing so.  I hope for their hearts to be touched by my story, to tap into the universal story.

What compels me to do these things.   I'm not sure.  But I do know it is what I am here to do.  To create a salon has been one of my deepest desires for a very long time.  And to realize my writing life does not have to be seperate from hair, seems the ultimate synthesesis.  I don't have to run from hair to find myself.

Thank you to my loyal partner, friends, clients, coworkers, and SGI community.

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Called In Sick

Late Monday afternoon, while at the salon, in the back of my throat I felt that, you know, that little tickle, and my energy began to drain right out my feet.  I was suspicious, so I took five Immune capsules, which have helped me in the past, avoid all preschool bugs.  I barely ate, and went to bad, only to wake up feeling zonked.  All I could do was sleep, and managed to get one post out, but forget the trillion other things I had to do. Then Wednesday came.  I knew I had a full day at the salon, and just the night before talked it over with the receptionist.  "Yes, I will be there."  You have to know something about me.  My ability to see my situation clearly when it involves my best interest, is not my strong point.  I knew I was flat on my back and would not be able to do my work well, not to mention, be contagious.  It took my daughter yelling out a startling cry as she threw up on herself, for me to say to myself, "You are not going to work today."  And I am glad I came to my senses.

Sure enough, clients were gracious and rescheduled, and the staff at work was helpful.  I'm still dragging today, but will go in tomorrow.  See how I am?  But I've got a full day, and a class to teach in the evening.  I've got to show up, even though, the occasional shiver that runs up my body makes me want to run for the covers.

Would this be considered strong work ethics and loyalty to my clients, or just plain crazy?

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Feeling Poor and Ugly

Because of the way she carries herself, unafraid of who she is, unafraid of looking different, my client Francois is somebody I loved the minute I met her.   Always giving a yes to my ideas for her hair, after-all there is always a chance we shall land upon something better.

"A big girl" she calls herself, as if to saythe sensuality that oozes from every cell of her body, or the way her nose turns up, and her green eyes flirt, she will not get what she wants.

Artistry is the fiber from which she is made, generosity abounds beyond her ability at times and most people's capability, and yet where both are concerned she is an expert.

As she said to our friend, "It's one thing to be poor, but another to be ugly and poor."  Feeling the pinch financially, having the appointment set, but not knowing if she would be able to do it.  I bow to you Francois, and for me and your good friend to give to you your hair services because money is nothing short of an honor.

I can only say, our ties go way beyond the confines of time and space.  We must help each other, and together is easier, even though individually we may hurt in our own particular ways.

Because it is the right thing to do.  And you would do the same for any of your friends.

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New Year Musings

Last night was simple but sweet.  After riding Bart to the city with my daughter and meeting my partner in Union Square, in San Francisco, we visited the tree, the village scene at the Hilton, and walked up to Chinatown and had dinner at Kan's. By the end of our evening in the city, my daughter crumbled as we walked back to the car, and was snoring within minutes of driving home. I have to say, I had never seen so many women dressed in 3" to 4" spiked heels, and above the knee, lightweight, halter dresses at this time of year. I, who cannot stand to be the slightest of cold, dressed in five layers, two sets of tights,a hat, and my Z coils. I was glad for it.

I thought I would just go to bed when we got home, but then thought better of it. I thought, no, even though I won't make it until midnight, ritual is important to me. And for the last several years, we have burned papers filled with what we want to let go of,and posted what we want to bring in on the bulletin board, although this year it will go on my altar. Then we had a few little snacks, with some port and tea.  Then said good night.

This will be a wonderous year, with much to look forward to.  I hope to have my book completed this year, the completion of at least a ten year project. I hope to do many readings in book groups, salons, poetry open mikes etc.  I want to strengthen my relationship with my partner, my daughter and friends, and my Buddhist practice. I want to bring forth what I am to be.

And in regards to beauty.  Beauty in all it's manifestations are vital to me, the expression of it is essential, this has not changed. My ideas about Beauty are changing, and how mainstream they are, I don't know, they may be different than even my friends and colleagues.  But the idea that I could be wearing what I was comfortable in and feeling completely unique in the expression, I don't know, some how, I felt confident, and like I had arrived in my own life.

Now, I want to give back.

And how I will do that is through my writing.

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Good Fortune

The passing of another year.  Another year doing hair. Funny how my life not only speeds by, but that it didn't go exactly how I thought it would. My life is better for it to tell you the truth, I couldn't have imagined the great gifts in my life.  I do feel I am one of the luckiest people in the world.  I love what I do for a living, and am even more passionate about it today than when I first started 26 years ago.  And it's not just about the beautiful, fun hair I get to create, but the clients I interact with as well. More times this year than any other, I've had clients call or email to say they love their hair.  The gesture of taking time out of their day to let me know that is simply kind.

My client who says,"I'm known to have the cool hair now." Her last visit, she went on about how, "I have never been so consistently listened to in any profession or anybody for that matter, let alone by my previous hairdressers." I love that.

Not only do they appreciate me and let me know that, but they extend their loving gestures towards my family. One client in particular, throughout the year will make my daughter clothing, clothing she loves.  She hand stitches these garments, finds just the right buttons, the detailing blows me away. She knows what a little girl would love, or at least my little girl,  a box of ribbons for her hair, etc.

Another client gave her the most beautiful Christmas ornament for the tree. Exquisite, with a holiday beaded necklace for her that jingles every time she moves, all very tasteful.  This same client makes sure all the assistants, and the receptionist get a little something, this year it was a Pete's coffee card.  Not only does she book her appointments out a year, every three weeks, but she is generous each appointment. Last but not least, worth more than any and all of the above, she is pleasant to be around.

I am grateful for the work I do, the people I work with, and the clients I see.  I thank all of you for your kind words, the love you extend to me and my family, and the trust you place in me to create for you. I am a blessed woman.

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Nothing Changes

Louise became a client 25 years ago.  The hairstyles we've tried have varied little; a bob, a layered bob, a bob with fringe, maybe once or twice, a shorter cut with no weight line.  She colors her hair a bright bright orange, herself, and never seems to color it before she sees me.  There are always white roots to greet me, with very faded color on the ends.  Her hair is dry, yet not dry enough in her book since she insists on never conditioning her hair.  And this is the way it goes, nothing  changes and it's a slow death. A delightful slow death.  We have a rapport that has developed over the years--I could distinguish her laugh in a dark theatre, I know certain stories, because I've heard them more than once, as I am sure I have repeated a few of my own.  We have talked about life, and we have cried about love, and she is an unrealized songwriter.

She is loyal--I wonder why sometimes.  I don't suggest change often, I haven't suggested she come in and let me color her hair, and she is certainly one of the few people I don't talk to about product, even though I firmly believe her hair would look and feel like a million bucks.

What prevents me from shaking things up with her?  I suggest change 95% of the time with other clients, but with her I don't.  Some of life's challenges have forced us to grow, so maybe it is enough to wear mediocre hair, and allow mediocre hair be worn.  Besides, it is a relief to not always have to be on, and I see it as growth to just let her hair be simple.  We have an unspoken agreement, for now.

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