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The Up-Do Class that Re-Awakened Everything

Kiki, our manager at Keter Salon, taught an updo styling class back in April.I thought, "Fine, let's do it."  I always look for the next inspiration to get my creativity fired up.

Kiki, who comes from a family of stylists, and worked as a platform artist, is not only a master at exectuting an idea, but in teaching the idea.

I'm whipping through, my hands moving way to fast, and there she is, smoothing, refining, slowly, precisely placing the hair in place.

I have not been able to stop since then.  This driving force inside me to learn how to build hair is unrelenting.   And now, I have it in my head to compete in the NAHA awards. 

I have a lot to learn! 

This is what I came up with that day.   The beginning of using hair pieces.

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Not a Simple Cut: Tales from a Hairdresser

The reading date is set.  It will be the first public reading, in a very long time, from my book.  I've been working on this project for10 years, and I'm focusing in on the first 100 pages to get it to an editor.  Although,I am thrilled to have the date set, and sure it is time to start building energy around the book, I am terrified.  The material has become much more personal than I ever thought it would, and richer because of it.  Do I really want my clients, who will fill the audience, to know me that well?

Ugh.  Self-doubt would like to settle in my body.  My brain wants to think it has control, by saying nasty little things to me, like, "Maybe it's too soon."  "You're getting ahead of yourself."  "You're diffusing the energy of the book, so it will be anticlimactic when it gets published, if it publishes."  Dealing with the demons are a full-time job these days.

Even so, I find myself talking about the date, and letting clients know. I've invited some friends from the Squaw Valley Writer's Conference to read with me, their company and support will be a great help.  You know sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, regardless of the fear that is the size of football in your gut?  This is one of those things, I've just got to do.

Oh, yeah.  The date is February 28, 2008 at Keter Salon 1815 Suite A Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA  94710.

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Hairdresser enters Blog world

Hi my name is Rebecca Beardsley.  I work as a professional hairstylist in an upscale salon in Berkeley, CA.  I've been styling hair for 24 years and I have some thoughts about this experience.  I'm finally diving into this known world to millions, the blog world, unknown to me.  I want to write about what happens in the chair, really.  I'm not clever, but thoughtful.  Will my posts have an edge.  I don't know.  I want to write for the public, about what is real to me and see what happens.

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