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Another Dee Conway Shoot

This time we shot with Trina. What a fun the end of the evening, Trina was just warming up, she could have continued long past sundown. Dee, followed and calmly suggested her own ideas as well.

 April 18th. Amtrak station in Berkeley, blocks from Keter Hair Salon. The chill left me hugging my jacket shut, in between holding up the reflector for Dee.  Trina was playful, and able to accomodate Dee's gentle instructions of laying down on the tracks, sitting and standing on them, between trains.

A few onlookers stood around, but basically we had the place to ourselves.  I think our shots worked.  As usual, Dee is a complete pleasure to work with, and always so prompt in her delivery of images.

 Make-up by Pheakdey Bun.

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The Up-Do Class that Re-Awakened Everything

Kiki, our manager at Keter Salon, taught an updo styling class back in April.I thought, "Fine, let's do it."  I always look for the next inspiration to get my creativity fired up.

Kiki, who comes from a family of stylists, and worked as a platform artist, is not only a master at exectuting an idea, but in teaching the idea.

I'm whipping through, my hands moving way to fast, and there she is, smoothing, refining, slowly, precisely placing the hair in place.

I have not been able to stop since then.  This driving force inside me to learn how to build hair is unrelenting.   And now, I have it in my head to compete in the NAHA awards. 

I have a lot to learn! 

This is what I came up with that day.   The beginning of using hair pieces.

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I stand in the very three foot area that my favorite hairstylist has performed her craft for years.  It's as if I stand in her own personal museum.   Not because there are artifacts of hers hanging around me, or relics of her hair do's that line the wall behind me.  I feel as though her energy surrounds me, encourages me, reminds me of the creativity that abounds. I just need to tap in to the resevoir that has lived here long before I have arrived.  And, I believe she will haunt us to be kind to each other, to draw upon each others strengths, and let the small stuff fade away. It will be interesting to see how the energy shifts however, how the group of stylists reconfigure around her not being there, and being with what is.  Who and what will fill the space. She doesn't leave town till next week.  So, we will go have breakfast at one of my favorite places, La Note in Berkeley, and then go to SFMOMA to visit the Freida Kahlo exhibit.  Two weeks ago we visited the Annie Leibowitz exhibit at the Veteran's Memorial.  I was so impressed with the vulnerability I experienced in viewing her work.  My only regret is that we didn't explore our relationship outside of the salon before this.  I will cherish every moment as we take in the art, talk and share time with one another.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm busying myself not only with writing one of the most challenging stories of the book project so far, but I'm preparing for another editorial shoot on Sunday.  I called Savanna yesterday in search of size 10 heels.  Dee Conway the photographer and I will work together, which I'm really looking forward to.  She has a creative eye, plus she is funny as can be.  We have a great model from Rabaat shoe store, Rachael, who once modeled in Europe for a period of time.  We've come up with the concept for hair.  


I sped around town yesterday, looking for jewelry, leggings, and shoes. I didn't find shoes.  Kind of critical. I can spend 100. on a pair, but do I want to for the shoot.  I don't want to fall short of a fabulous shot, just because of the shoes, they are pretty important.  We are going for romantic and feminine, perhaps a bit of a period feel to it.

Maybe I need to hunt earlier next time, instead of waiting till the final week. We have a fabulous dress, loaned to us by the talented Cari Borja, a designer in Berkeley, CA. Check it out.  This loan is a very generous offer.  Thank you Cari.  To see more of her designs, check out:


A museum of Savanna's haircuts?  Not a bad idea.  She gave me this latest.

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A Tech Geek and/or a Hair Piece Guru

Okay.  Now I have ideas of what I want to do on this blog, pictures, sound, movies.  I'm ready to personalize this, and attract more viewers.  I have the color scheme, I'm working the tape recorder at work, I'm going to have a theme per month and interview people, while having there hair done.  But do you think I  know how to do any of it.  That would be, "NO!" So, anybody out there know of a tech person, that can teach me a few things?  I need somebody now.  Somebody that can do a little research as well.  Send that person my way please.

It's just like the creative process to throw a few wrenches in the mix, and you've got to work with them.  Same with the hair.  I'm working on my concepts for this shoot coming up.  I've got hair everywhere in my dining room, I've got head shots of the models wearing the clothes for the shots, taped to the wall.  And pins, hair elastics, grips, thread, hairnets, combs, brushes,  and a can of hair spray, on the dining room table.  I'm executing a few ideas.  One of the models, I feel I need to see again, the picture is not telling me much.  I visualize something very different for her hair, but I am not sure her hair will accommodate my wishes.  I need to talk with her.

I've teased, sprayed and stuffed a hairnet with hair, to make stuffing for a hair piece I want to add on the one of the models hair, but it's still not quite large enough or, holding the strong shape I want.  Any of you hairdressers out there know how to work with hair pieces?

My daughter worked right besides me, asking me "Mama, is this how you tease?"  She had it right.  I took a picture of one of her do's, I'll post soon as I get the photos.  We have two digital cameras, I broke one, and it's being repaired.  My partner had the other at work, the old regular camera needs a battery.  Thankfully, I had a throw away camera to at least capture some snap shots of the style concepts I'm working with, to show Juarez.    We are back to the technologically challenged part of the story.

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A New York Calling

I'm having the itch to move to New York.  I know it is a tough place to live i.e. weather, expensive housing, and noise.  Could I actually break into the hair world there?  This desire has nothing to do with practicality.  It's purely a feeling that perhaps I've outgrown this area, and standing behind the chair.  It would not only be a jump professionally, but the challenge could be quite stimulating.  I'm wanting to move into the editorial world, styling hair for fashion photography, and New York is where it's at in the field, or LA.  But LA is still west coast.  In order to go, I must really develop a great "book", and establish and nurture relationships there.  And I still want to freelance write as well. Can a family of three actually live comfortably there?  How much does one need to make to be comfortable there?  If I go, I want to live in the city, just for the experience, although I hear Brooklyn is great.  But I've always lived in the burbs, and if I'm going to go east, I've got to be in the city.  I want to study more with Giovanni Giuntoli.  He is a gifted hair artist, and a kind person, and I think can take my work to a whole other level.  I'm still integrating what I learned in his workshop three years ago.

Three years ago, in that class, I had the feeling that editorial was the direction I would head in.  And now, I am becoming more serious about it.  I told my partner a couple of days ago, don't worry, last month I wanted to move to Mexico, and this month it's New York.  Tomorrow may be Paris...well, as a matter of fact, Paris is one of the cities included in the master plan.

Could I just travel there instead of moving?   Perhaps.  I do plan to do hair for fashion week, once or twice a year.  I can see how it feels,  how viable,it is.  Does anybody have a relative there, or currently travels there regularly?  Are there any hairdressers reading this who know the industry there?  I'd appreciate any feedback.

Going feels like an expansion into fully realizing myself as a creative person.  It excites me to no end right now.  Creating beautiful hair, inspires me.  

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Editorial Learning Curve

I'm working with hair pieces for this shoot coming up, now on six models, instead of the original five.  I just got the photos of the models dressed in some of the clothes.  Very trendy!  My goal is to execute hair that completes the picture.  I want the finished styles to compliment the total look, but I also want to challenge myself to be creative, and think high fashion.I'm looking forward to this shoot, to developing my skills of hairdressing for camera.

I just completed a shoot on Thursday.  The team-talented photographer Christian Pollock, stylist Krystle E. Hatchett, and her wonderful assistant, and I, are all in the process of developing strong "books".  We tested two models, one lovely female, and one Italian male.  It took me four hours to complete the models.  I felt less pressured about time, even though I know I must improve my time, and will, eventually.  More important to me right now though,  is the ability to execute the concept. 

Now, the stylists were more involved in assisting, and assuring I got the concept, which I was really grateful for.  I don't know if it is normal to have the open dialogue, but it felt necessary to know what the picture was in their head.   I was grateful for the feedback, and communication, I don't know how it could have happened any other way.  Krystle had a strong sense of what she was doing, and what she was going for, and her lovely assistant Kory was a dream.

We had fun, and I learned a great deal.  In case of low lighting, bring readers that are at least 200's.  Practice, practice, practice on as many , and as many looks as possible.  I experienced utter discomfort at times with my learning curve, humbling to say the least.  I need to develop my eye, to know what I am looking for, and how to achieve the end result...only through experience.   I certainly was unabashed to ask for advice.  It's just the way it is right now.  But also I felt self-assured in my abilities to communicate, and work with a team.  Christian was great to work with, easy going, and I like his work a lot, he's got a great eye, and definitely an upbeat manner about him.

I didn't stay for the shoot itself, as it was after 8:00 pm, and I needed to head back to the East Bay.  But the models looked great.  We created a 40's look, i.e. soft wavy hair, on her, with moist, clean makeup on her, and rough, gangster look on him.  I look forward to seeing the shots, and will be sure to post them.  And I want to work with Christian again.

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